PENTO Low-floor Tram

Five-section single-ended tram INEKON 11 - PENTO is based on the TRIO type range being very popular among our clients. It is equipped with a trailer bogie and two traction bogies. Two axles powered by their traction motors via the coupling and gearbox designed in each of them. The tram has thus four asynchronous motors powered by separate traction inverters.
Motors are controlled in all the car service modes (running, coasting, electrodynamic brake) by changing the supply voltage and frequency.


Even when it comes to the construction itself, the PENTO tram is very similar to the TRIO type. In the event of the car failure the electric equipment, however, enables the driver to cut out the damaged part, including the bogie drive and to run to the depot with the other bogie operating. In the event of derailing the manufacturer has provided each car body section with lifting positions in which tram can be lifted, as marked on the side walls.


Inekon 11 - PENTO tram meets all modern requirements of passengers when it comes to convenience and comfort. The ventilation complies with the requirements of the German guidelines VDV 180/1, 2 or Czech Standard Specifications CSN 28 1300. The air is sucked from the outside, in particular, from the area of the car roof. Ground dirt and water are eliminated there. Then the air is filtered and blown to the car roof. Ground dirt and water is filtered and blown to the car through draft-proof ventilation. The ventilation is controlled from the driver's cab. It is also possible to open the folding windows in the summer. Also, the driver's cab has the forced ventilation all year along. Sliding windows are optional. As a bonus, the tram can be equipped with an air conditioning system, both for the passenger and the driver's cab.


The materials used in the car interior provide for easy cleaning and meet the strictest requirements regarding hygiene and safety. The floor has a non-skid finish, and laminated panels are used for the interior lining.