SUPERIOR Low-floor Tram

At the first look at INEKON 04 - SUPERIOR tram suggests that it is an elegant low-floor car type. The Superior low-floor tram was designed by the Prague's Renown Design Studio of Patrik Kotas. The design is brand new modern approach and preserves the genius loci of a town that have both historic and new buildings. The one-directional tram has three sections and an aerodynamical shape and has been designed to the lifespan of forty years. The tram is made of materials distinguished by increased durability against corrosion. Equipment that is exposed to the environmental conditions ( for example the electric box on the roof ) are made of stainless steel.


The tram's body is made from materials that minimize the risk of injuries. All edges and corners are rounded off, and only safety glass is used for window glazing.

The tram is built of three articulated sections connected. Gateways between car sections are constructed as floor turnplates, covered by bellows. The external car sections are always mounted on one bogie and supported by their internal ends in an articulated way on the central car section, suspended on bogies. Four swiveling bogies are surely an advantage since the design significantly reduces the level of wear of the rails and wheel rims.
The tram can be equipped with a combination of two traction bogies and two swiveling bogies depending on the service conditions and customer's requirements.


The interior of the tram also meets the modern concepts and hygienic requirements of passengers. It is based on a pleasant design of shapes that recur along the whole length of the car and on a variation of colors that complement each another. The materials used are flame-retardant, wear and tear resistant as well as acts of trashing. Cleaning and graffiti removing or any marks of vandalism is very easy as well. The interior layout provides for the installation of advertising and information materials.
Platforms are located under the seats so that the room for passengers is used to the optimum extent. The tram's low floor section occupies more than fifty percent of the floor area. When trailer bogies are used, the low-floor area can be enlarged to up to 70 percent of the useful floor.