Tramway Trucks

INEKON TRAMS uses large size concrete panels with block rails for reconstruction of rail trucks. The construction offered represents a new technology in which a steel gutter in reinforced concrete panels. The truck width - the rail gauge of the truck - can be adjusted by the distance between the steel gutters in the panel. The rail gauge is made depending on the customer's requirements, ranging from 1 000 mm to 1 524 mm. The panels are produced in length from 800 to 6 000 mm. Short panels are used in bent sections of the track. The support base plate underneath the panels is made of the aerated concrete layer and two layers of asphalt mix. After mounting the panels and fastening the rails the cracks between panels are filled with sand or fine-grain gravel into which elastic asphalt is poured.
The advantage of this technology consists of the quick progress of works, long durability, minimum maintenance costs, lower noise level and dust formation and elimination of the impact stress on bogies. If necessary, other vehicles can drive on the tramway tracks as well.

The tramway track panel technology offered by INEKON TRAMS has been used in the following cities:

Lengths of the modernized sections are given in their development length (as a single truck).

Tramway Track Technology