TRIO Low-floor tram. Trio Low-floor Streetcar. TRIO Low-floor LRT.

INEKON 01 - TRIO attracts your attention immediately by its timeless modern design. The Trio low-floor tram is the first joint-effort product of the company DPO INEKON a.s., founded in 2001 as a joint venture of Ostrava Transit Authority and Inekon Group, where both parties joined with - a long-time experience with modernization and maintenance of trams and a strong background in engineering, business, and organization.


Ideal arrangement of doors enables the passengers to get on and off easily and fast. The tram is equipped with a wheelchair ramp for physically challenged passengers.

The interior has been planned so that it would fulfill the strictest requirements for quality of travel in public transit for years to come. The passenger area is equipped with effective and noise-free ventilation with a moderate heating. For more intensive heating there are heaters mounted on the tram side walls.
The materials used provide for easy cleaning of the tram and they also fulfill strict requirements regarding hygiene and safety.
The floor has a non-skid finish and laminated panels used for interior lining.
The driver's cab has been designed with the main focus on the driver's maximum comfort.
It is heated with a separate air-heating set that can also be used for ventilation and efficient air-conditioning. A good view forward is made possible thanks to a large windshield with the whole area electric heating and effective wiper.


The car body is welded from rolled and pressed steel profiles so that a prolonged service life of forty years can be assured. The front parts of the tram are laminated to make the maintenance and replacement of worn out parts easier. The roof is made of stainless steel. The car is designed with two-axle bogies with two-step suspension using coiled helical springs and rubber features. Motors of each of the bogies are supplied by separate traction inverters and directly connected via a coupling to the gearboxes. Hydraulic brakes are operated separately for each bogie, while considering the adhesion conditions.
A major part of the electric equipment is mounted on the car roof, and roof-mounted semi-pantograph is designed for power off-take. Voltage system cabling is designed as halogen-free.


INEKON TRAMS also builds a modified version of this tram INEKON 12 - TRIO. It can be operated in both directions, and it is equipped with a full air-conditioning system in the passenger compartment. This version was originally designed for the city of Washington, U.S.A. It has a hydro-pneumatic suspension providing an unchanged level of the floor.